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Quadratics Test

This is a test I gave my algebra honor students. Students multiply two binomials; factor trinomials, with and with factoring out the greatest common factor first; solving quadratic equations, graphing quadratic functions; and answer true and false questions pertaining to quadratic functions and their graphs.



Teaching with a Sense of Urgency

A Sense of Urgency

Algebra 1 Online

Great resource for both teachers and students. The teacher of Henri County, VA have compiled the entire algebra curriculum online and shared both teacher instructional materials and student learning materials, such as online applications, videos, puzzles and worksheets. Check it out! Algebra 1 Online

System of Linear Equation Ideas…Coming Soon!

Solving Equations Ideas…Coming Soon!

Number Sense Ideas…Coming Soon!

Monomial to Trinomial Ideas…Coming Soon!

Graphing Linear Equations Ideas…Coming Soon!

Please share your ides for teaching students how to graph linear equations.

Factoring Ideas…Coming soon

Algebra Instructional Strategies

I have broken the algebra curriculum into 8 major categories. I will be sharing instructional delivery strategies along with examples and problem sets. Be sure to add your ideas and suggestions under the appropriate categories. I have provided summaries of each of the categories.

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