The Start of Something New

I have begun the journey of writing an instructional resource book for algebra teachers. This has been a dream of mine for many years now. With the experience I have gained over the years creating teacher materials and instructional models, I feel I’m ready to share my knowledge and experience. I will post updates of my progress here, as well as posts expressing my frustrating moments. I truly look to create a book that any algebra teacher, novice and skilled, can pick up before they teach a concept and gain some direction for their instruction. I will overview the mathematical concepts addressed in an algebra course, provide ideas for instruction delivery, share potential sticking points for students, and examples to use to guide instruction. My overall dream would be to create supplemental resources such as Powerpoint and interactive notebook files to make instruction easier for teachers. I value a rich and deep instruction of algebra, but in order for that to occur, students must have a solid foundation. In addition, subsequent instruction must build on and reinforce prior knowledge. I hope to provide this support and help guide instruction for all algebra teachers. Please check back and feel free to offer suggestions or even words of encouragement.

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