Classroom Procedure Posters

*These posters were created in Microsoft Publisher, but were then converted to .pdf format for uploading purposes. I would have like to have kept them in their original format for your editing purposes, but this format did not support that. Luckily these can be used as is by most if you agree with the procedures for your classroom.

The following are the procedures that I have had in my class for over 8 years. With any type of rules or procedures they can be modified to suit the students that you teach and the school you are at. However, I found that these were the guidelines that I needed in my classroom in order to function as a teacher. To put it bluntly, these are the requirements I must have in place to make me happy as a teacher. With the exception of minor changes in design and wording, these have been my procedures throughout 8 years of teaching which span across 3 distinctively different school environments. Simply put, they work!.

I spend the first three days going over these procedures and having students act out what they look like, as well as what they don’t look like. I also spend every opportunity the first few months reiterating them as the occasion arises. I repeat this in a review format when we come back from winter break and again after spring break. I have taught 7th & 8th grade students. They are mature and intelligent individuals, but without the review of my classroom expectations, they have a tendency to try to “rule the roost” so to speak. This is very much in line with the philosophy of Harry Wong. Here are a few sites that will give you information on Harry Wong and his effective teaching methods:

I consider the following the top 5 classroom procedures that happen on a daily basis.






These procedures are need once and a while. I do go over these, but usually on day 2 or 3. Generally speaking you probably aren’t going to have an assembly the first day or two of school. If you do, your administration staff is just cruel. : ) In addition, incorporating these in with the major 5 procedures from above can be overload for your students.





Just a note:

I usually print these out on a color printer and offset each one on different color paper. I laminate them and place on a well-seen bulletin board in the classroom.

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