Open House Powerpoint





This is a very brief powerpoint that provides you a guide when introducing yourself to your parents on an open house night/day. Usually an open house is only 10-15 minutes per class at the middle school. It’s important to give as much pertinent information about yourself as an educator, as well as information on your classroom routine and expectations is very helpful to parents. Looking professional on the first encounter can leave a lasting impression.

Hint:  This is the night to sell yourself to the parents as a qualified and professional individual. Demonstrating that you have a plan for the year and for what your classroom environment will entail earns you kudos from the parents. You should do most all of the talking. Opening the floor up to too many questions, questions that you might not have prepared for in advance, may prove to be quite unsettling. Including a sign up sheet for parents to include their contact information, such as email and phone, can be a way for you to address questions at a latter time.

* Please be sure to use this as a guide only, adding in your information and proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors.

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