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Revised File

There was an error on the second page. The value of x on both of the equations should have been 4. This has been corrected and the new file has been attached.

Being Strategic in Solving Equations PartII

I want to thank my new online editor and dear friend for finding this. : )


Being Strategic in Solving Equations Part II

I want to thank you for taking time to visit. I see that the number of visitors to my blog increase substantially through out the last few months. I hope this is a sign that what I have been posting is relevant to you as an educator. Regardless, it has been a motivating factor for me, in that I want to stay current on the concepts you are teaching your students. Please feel free to post questions and suggestions. I would like to design my posts around your needs as educators.

In this post, I continue our discussion of being strategic and flexible in solving multistep equations. I’ve really enjoyed writing this piece. I have attached it as a pdf due to formatting issues. Math type does not format well when I copy and past.


Being Strategic in Solving Equations PartII

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