#1 Teacher’s Resource

I am, and will forever be, a lover of learning. I was the first of my family to get my bachelor degree, and continued on to get my masters. This of course came with a hefty price tag, but completely worth it. My master of mathematics education program was entirely online and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I embrace the online world as a means of learning and exchanging of knowledge. Many students today have not known of a time without computers; therefore, learning online is just as natural as learning via textbooks and videos of previous generations.

When my friend introduced me to Khan Academy, the learner inside of me got very excited. Free! Online! Learning! Thousands of instructional videos that allow me to review previous learned topics or to branch out and learn something completely off the charts, like Galvanic Cells in chemistry. Math.  Science. Humanities. Test Prep. It’s all just a click away. Oh, and Mr. Gates himself is part of this amazing project.

This blog is about me sharing information, strategies, lesson plans, and resources with teachers across all subjects, but particularly mathematics. So, what are the implications for the classroom with regard to Khan Academy? Let me list the ways…

  1. Teacher learning/reviewing resource – Teachers can see instructions and examples of content they will teach their students. This is very helpful for cases where teachers are required to teach a grade or a subject they have not taught before.
  2. Student learning/reviewing resource – Students can access content or lessons they feel they need assistance in mastering. This could be on the whim of the student, or as the teacher, you could assign students to review particular videos and content for purposes of understanding material taught in the classroom.
  3. Parent learning/reviewing resource – Parents can learn in along with their child. Parents usually want to help their child understand all of their subjects, but feel too many years have passed to do so effectively. Directing them to particular videos pertaining to material being taught in the classroom will provide them an opportunity to learn along with their child. Moreover, parents can benefit from this resource to broaden their own knowledge base.
Since most school systems and teachers utilize websites to communicate with students and parents, as well as fellow teachers, it would be very beneficial to create links to these videos on a weekly or unit basis. Doing so in an organized fashion according to your curriculum’s pacing guide will provide this “one-stop-shopping” experience for students, parents and teachers alike.
I truly hope you find this as exciting as I do. Work with your peer/subject teachers to organize this information into a form that works for you, and all those involved.
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