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Top Four Passionate Math Teacher Blogs

Top Four Passionate Math Teacher Blogs

What an amazing set of blogs! Which activities are your favorite?

There are so many ideas here that can be replicated throughout the algebra curriculum. Just because your students are essentially teenagers, they still want to get up out of their seat and learn in a fun interactive way. Don’t deprive them! Let’s get creative!!!!


Quadratic Equation Card Sort

I’m so happy I follow @Maths_Masters on Twitter! Such wonderful resources! I must share this one with my algebra teachers.

Quadratic Equations – The Main Ideas.

Better yet, give students the Group 1 through 5 titles from the card sort first and see if they can generate facts for each of them while working in groups of 3 or 4 first. After they have exhausted their knowledge, provide them with the card sort to work out. Finally, have the students, still within their small groups, compare what they came up with with this card sort. While students may not be able to generate all of the facts on their own, nor be able to word their facts as succinctly, the ownership students will experience when they connect what they wrote to the facts on the cards will be immeasurable.

Thank you William Emeny at !

GeoGebra Tutorials through Mathematics and Multimedia

GeoGebra Tutorials

This is such an amazing set of tutorials and lessons on how to use GeoGebra! I used this program for my graduate program and fell in love. Every school should have this installed on every computer for students to use to investigate, create, and verify geometric concepts. Please share with your teachers, parents and students. Thank you Mathematics and Multimedia!

Student Created Instructional Videos

In doing some reading on current technologies in mathematics classes, I came across Mathtrain.TV, wonderful resource created by students for students. These are short 5 minutes or less videos that students created to instruct on particular math content such as solving multistep equations or graphing linear equations. Teachers can also create short tutorials and post them to their school website to share with students and their parents.

To get started simply download the free software Jing at A stylus and tablet would be best for mathematics content, but not necessary. The videos are saved to your personal webpage on . Each video can be saved in folders and can be secured individually depending on the intended audience. If students have access to a particular folder, they can see any video saved within the folder. I see this working very well with a folder for each course you teach, i.e. 7th grade math, 8th grade math, Algebra I, or a folder for each class period. There’s so many opportunities to explore!

Great On-Line Learning

I wanted to share with you Hippo Campus. This is a wonderful independent learning site for many courses, particularly algebra. Students are provided an opportunity to warm up to the lesson, reviewing and assess previous learned skills, and then move into video lessons that walk them through the mathematics unit. Instruction can be geared to the student’s pace. Opportunities to assess learning are provided throughout. The explanations are very clear and accurate.

If  I had one thing to change about the site it would be the font size. It seems a bit small and difficult to read, however, this is not in reference to the instructional window. This is regarding the scrolling lesson outlines to the left and the explanation boxes that appear to help students along. I find the key notes at the bottom of the instruction window very helpful. For instance, if the lesson, activity or problem involves a certain algebraic property or definition, this is provided below the window the lesson is being presented in.

If you teach algebra, this is certainly a site to have linked on your webpage or provided to students and parents for extra support for your class.

Teaching Integers…Successfully!

As you delve deep into your curriculum, integer operations usually sits close to the beginning of the year for most 7th, 8th, and Algebra courses. I would like to take the time to share with you a resource that a colleague of mine found a few years ago and I’ve used ever since.

Integers Made Easy: Just Walk It Off

Julie Nurnberger-Haag does a wonderful job teaching students how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers using a life-size number line in her article Integers Made Easy: Just Walk It Off. Students follow a very small set of guidelines for performing operations on integers using a number line place on the floor, large enough for students to walk about. Supplies needed are painters tape, notecards, and integer problems. This can be done outside using sidewalk chalk as well; however, you must have exceptional control over your class in order for this activity to be meaningful to students.

I have enclosed a word document similar to one I use in class for students to record their specific steps they performed to arrive at the solution. Students may not like the writing portion, but this is just another avenue for students to put the information into long-term memory. In many cases, it slows the student down and requires them to really think about what they are doing and why they’re doing it. Have student practice verbalizing their steps out loud to you as a means of explaining their answers. You could even do as a small assessment in this manner.

Walk It Off

Later in the year, when students get confused with their integer rules, either you or a fellow classmate will have a way to explain how to arrive at the correct solution.

Middle Ground Magazine – Great Article

Check out the NMSA article, “The Power of Positive Relationshis” posted under the blogroll or linked below.  It’s a great read for the beginning of the school year. You’ll want to bookmark this site for sure!

Algebra 1 Online

Great resource for both teachers and students. The teacher of Henri County, VA have compiled the entire algebra curriculum online and shared both teacher instructional materials and student learning materials, such as online applications, videos, puzzles and worksheets. Check it out! Algebra 1 Online

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