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Quadratic Equation Card Sort

I’m so happy I follow @Maths_Masters on Twitter! Such wonderful resources! I must share this one with my algebra teachers.

Quadratic Equations – The Main Ideas.

Better yet, give students the Group 1 through 5 titles from the card sort first and see if they can generate facts for each of them while working in groups of 3 or 4 first. After they have exhausted their knowledge, provide them with the card sort to work out. Finally, have the students, still within their small groups, compare what they came up with with this card sort. While students may not be able to generate all of the facts on their own, nor be able to word their facts as succinctly, the ownership students will experience when they connect what they wrote to the facts on the cards will be immeasurable.

Thank you William Emeny at http://www.greatmathsteachingideas.com/ !


Algebra Alien

As I’m cleaning up the last 5 years worth of files from two computers and two thumb drives, I want to share a really fun end-of-the-year activity that was a HUGE hit! I have included the directions/rubric and student sample work.

The premise of this activity is that students research their own notebook for the BEST sample problem that meets the criteria to showcase on their alien. The alien is of their own creation and depicts the scope and depth of the algebra learned throughout the year. Students are allowed to get as creative as they wish. When all students have competed their alien, have them post them all around the room and have the class do a walking gallery. With post-it notes and pencil, have students examine the difficulty level of the problems on their peer’s alien and make comments. Students can bring these comments back to their desk to share out with the whole class or they can post them beside the alien. This provides yet another type of review of the content for the students. You’ll be amazed at your student’s creativity, as well as how on-mark they will be with showcasing the BEST problems from the year.

 Directions and Rubric  algebra-alien


Quadratics Test

This is a test I gave my algebra honor students. Students multiply two binomials; factor trinomials, with and with factoring out the greatest common factor first; solving quadratic equations, graphing quadratic functions; and answer true and false questions pertaining to quadratic functions and their graphs.


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