Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Shannon Richards and I’ve been a math teacher for 10 years. I’ve taught 7th grade regular math through the high school credit algebra course. My passion is for teaching algebra. I have found students can have such enormous mathematical growth in an algebra course, so long as they are provided the solid instruction of properties and number sense.

I began my career by obtaining my Bachelor of Mathematics from Armstrong Atlantic State University. I was able to get my teacher certification for Georgia by taking additional courses through the education department. I then moved to Florida where I spent 8 years teaching in two middle schools. There I obtained my National Board Certification for Early Adolescence Mathematics. With the bonus I received for my NBs, I obtained my Masters of Mathematics Education from Florida State University. I’ve since been teaching in South Carolina and will be moving to New Jersey soon.

I would like to keep working towards my doctorate and explore writing a book for algebra teachers. Throughout my years as an educator, I have had the wonderful experience designing and delivering professional development for teachers, particularly math teachers. I’m hoping to merge my love of algebra and my experience as an educator with my experience providing professional development in this new book. Check the Book Progress page to see how things are going. Feel free to pose questions or provide motivation!

Shannon M. Richards
B.S. Mathematics
M.S. Mathematics Education
National Board Certified/EA Mathematics
Teacher of the Year 2007-08/Martinez Middle School
Mathematics Assessment Specialist
Educational Testing Services/National Assessment of Educational Progress


  • Frank Smith  On June 8, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Shannon is an excellent teacher. Her kids love her and love learning with her as the teacher. Wonderful site. Keep me posted on the progress.

    Frank Smith

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